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The gong is one of the most powerful sound vibration healing tools available to man. The gong has been around recorded history for thousands of years. It has been struck to begin battle, announce royalty, during concerts of many famous musical groups, and of course, to begin many films of the past decades.

Not a lot is known of the gongs true origin, however, what is known today is that when a gong is being played by a gong master, one whom is one with the gong, the experience is tremendous. The gong is capable of putting the listener, as well as, the player into a deep theta or meditative state, that can be measured by brain activity. Although, much of the evidence and information of sound and the effects for the purpose of healing is being gathered from more recent study, the effect of the gong can be felt by the listener. Many of whom have experienced the “gong bath” or a gong meditation are amazed by the physical experience itself. Most love it, some don’t, but what is true is that the experience is unforgettable and powerful.

It is said that the sound of the gong is the sound of the universe, we now have the ability to judge that by ourselves, as NASA has published many sounds from our solar system, that when heard and compared to a gong being played are so similar that one would think one is in the presence of the actual universe.


Check out the You Tube link and the portion of a gong recording test where I played a short gong practice, and compare for yourself. More on the gong will be posted in my upcoming blog!

It is said that the sound of the gong being played by a true Gong Master is the sound of the universe. The same tones and frequencies that can now be recorded and heard are, in fact, the same ones we hear during a gong session.

The Power of the Gong

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